Meeting Sezion

Last week at Wayra Munich’s launch event I had the pleasure to meet Josías De La Espada, one of the founders of Sezion

The team took part in Wayra Madrid’s batch which consisted of 10 startups that received money, a workspace and mentoring in order to get their idea off the ground. So what is Sezion? It’s an app that allows the full range of under-the-shower singers to fully fledged musicians to record their contribution to a music track. That might be singing, rapping, talking, playing the flute or just clapping your hands. Anybody can contribute. The magic comes in once a collection of crowdsourced sounds turns into a beautiful tune for others to enjoy. Sezion is working on tackling this problem and they have already achieved the first milestone. Releasing your product and finding the first passionate users.

What they found primarily helpful during their time at Wayra was having the chance to get exposure towards investors, media and early testers. They are currently raising their next round of investment and we wish them much success in the future.

So if you’re in the process of getting started with your startup idea you might want to consider applying to the Wayra accelerator program which is still taking applications.

hackanoon #4 – delivering developer happiness

hackanoon_teamAfter doing 3 hackathons last year, we once again organized a hackanoon “hackathon in the afternoon”.
Hackathons are basically competitions for software engineers to quickly implement an idea. Our event is very challenging since the teams only have 6 hours to come up with a plan and code it.
Once again the 20 participants developed smart ideas, implemented them in the afternoon and demoed them in the evening. Continue reading

smarchive receives funding by 144 investors within 3 days

smarchiveOn Monday I had the chance to chat with smarchive’s CEO Steffen Reitz, to learn more about their startup and how they were able to attract this many investors so quickly.

So what is Smarchive up to?

Smarchive aims to help you with all your paperwork by supplying a document management system which supports you with turning documents into tasks and extracting data like addresses to help you manage your personal paperwork. Especially in countries like Germany where we have lots of bureaucracy and no real solution for managing that data, it seems like a great idea for a consumer product.

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Join us for the second Munich Startup Meetup

The last Munich Startup Meetup was a blast, so we decided to do it again.

If you haven’t attended the last one, join us to meet fellow entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be. You’ll get to know lots of people over drinks at a great location. And if you have a product, feel free demo it on your iPad or phone. Physical product demos are cool too, as long as we can fit it through the front door ; )

Please register on our Meetup Page.


Join us for the Munich Startup Meetup

There’s a lot happening in Munich’s startup community and we thought the time is right to organize an informal meetup where Entrepreneurs can meet, show their product, compare notes and form allies. We’ll supply music and drinks.

It’s happening this thursday, September 22th 2011 at the coworking space Combinat 56 in Schwabing-West. Register here to join the festivities.

Twitter chooses Munich’s startup Brainloop to secure their internal documents

Some of you might have missed the big news that Munich’s startup Brainloop was able to reveal. They were chosen as the document compliance solution by Twitter. Document compliance makes sure that internal documents can only be distributed to a pre-defined set of recipients and are protected against hackers and generally unauthorized people.

After TechCrunch controversially released internal information that laid out big parts of their strategy 2 years ago, they chose Brainloop as the solution to protect them from this happening again.

Brainloop uses two-factor authentication, 256 bit SSL Encryption and an integration with Adobe’s & Microsoft’s rights management solution to make sure the company’s information can not be highjacked by third parties.

Brainloop’s management team consists of Peter Weger (CEO, prior Software AG Management), Uli Mittermaier (CFO, prior: Netscape Communications) and Markus Seyfried (CTO, prior: IXOS Software AG). They received 2 Million in their funding A-round back in 2007. Brainloop’s client list includes big names like BMW, Deutsche Telekom, and Nokia. Find out more about brainloop here.

We look forward to hearing more success stories like these, so if you have news about a great startup from Munich, let us know.

We&Co interview with co-founder Ryan Jones

I had the chance to sit down with one of the co-founders of We&Co – the iPhone App that allows users to thank people at the company/venue they work at. Ryan Jones talks about how the idea was born and how people are using their App in real life. Prior to getting in the SoLoMo (social/local/mobile) space, he worked as a brand manager and technology manager at Proctor & Gamble.

We were really happy to have him for this interview the same week that MashableTechCrunch, AF and good magazine ran stories about their product. So thanks again Ryan, and we hope you’ll be back for a follow-up!

The Interview (part 1&2)

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Thank you for your interest in news on Munich’s startup community. The purpose of this website is to report on Munich’s most daring startups, and it’s founders – the entrepreneurs.

The startup scene is very fragmented and intransparent in Munich. What we’re trying to do is show success stories, having founders speak out and report what’s happening in the local startup scene. We focus on but are not limited to mobile apps, web applications and social apps, so let us know if you have something great going.

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